The storm at the heart of the sun; the dreamer of improbable dreams.

Y. That perfect letter. The wishbone, fork in the road, empty wineglass. The question we ask over and over.
- Marjorie Celona  (via versteur)

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Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys
I can’t imagine a man really enjoying a book and reading it only once.
- C.S. Lewis (via observando)
You had me at a point where I would’ve left the entire world behind for you.
- 2:03am, I really loved you that much.  (via seabelle)

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I see you’re fond of books. You can always tell by the way people handle them.
- W. Somerset Maughman, Of Human Bondage. (via falling-inlove-with-books)
So many of the greatest quotes by authors and literature lovers begin with the word ‘If’ because ‘If’ is a dangerous and exciting word. ‘If’ is filled with countless stories and wondrous possibilities.
- A.J.B. “The ‘If’ Question” (via journaling-junkie)
…and you drink a little too much and try a little too hard. And you go home to a cold bed and think, ‘That was fine’. And your life is a long line of fine.
- Gillian Flynn (via fuckoff-mondays)

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Bonnie and Clyde’s car after they were killed in 1934.